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Nudity is Freedom

Borgo Corniola is a certified FKK accomodation facility belonging the INF-FNI (International Naturist Federation).

Naturism is our personal choice! We just want to share with our guests the magic feeling of being fully immersed in nature, always respecting others’ privacy and safety and enjoying the amazing comfort Borgo Corniola can offer.

Naturism and wellness

Nudity is a requirement to practice the Finnish sauna correctly. Indeed, high temperatures could potentially modify clothing used to cover intimate parts into toxic elements. 

It’s so spontaneous to pass naked from the sauna to the wellness area, through the shower, relaxation area, solarium, whirlpool and tub outside and the bath in the stream. Moving in total freedom offers you a unique and rewarding experience for whole body and soul.

Naturist B&B

Our guests can practice Naturism in all the Borgo, both indoor and outdoor. However, nudity is just a possibility to enjoy the place: you can wear clothes or not, respecting and obviously accepting the nudity of the others.

Naturism all year round

We are used to associate Naturism with summer, when the weather allows you to stay
outdoors without clothes and to go to beaches, campsites and other public and private places where nudity is allowed..

Borgo Corniola, thanks to its space and wellness center, gives you the possibility to practice naturism all year round: what nicer than a naked dive into the snow after a hot sauna?!!

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